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Shadows of the Past
14 song debut CD
...melodic and moody...
you'll love it
gothic poetry set to music
we don't bite
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Another Nail in the Coffin
10 song CD
...dark and intense...
R.I.P.  Robb Mounce
1966 - 2011
Be sure to read our gothic novella,
companion book to our cd "Epic Conflict"
cover art by
Sandra Hadrys (Sandrine H. Lynx)
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Epic Conflict
11 song CD
...dramatic and compelling...
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Have you forgotten your place in the universe?  You are sons and daughters of the most high King.  Royal
blood was spilled to pay your ransom to release you from the stronghold of the Enemy.  Are you so
consumed by carnal desires that you forget why you were sent here to the realm of Earth?  Have you
forsaken your royal inheritance in exchange for common, lowly things that soon perish?  Have you not
watched those around you die in ignorance of the eternal consequences waiting for them?  Do not be
deceived.  The fallen angels are all around us whispering poisonous lies in our ears to pervert our
thoughts and lead us off the path of Truth.  No one has been sent to deliver them from their folly.  They
forfeited their kingdom long ago in rebellion and foolishness.  Now they would drag the rest of us to the
punishment waiting for them on the final day.  You are so much more than mere flesh and blood.  You are
immortal souls sent here by the Creator to grow in wisdom.  Do not allow the lusts of this world to steal
your spirit's birthright.  The choice is yours, and choose you must before this fleeting physical form that
you now inhabit has returned to the dust from which it came.  We do battle against evil, unseen forces
seeking to devour the souls of the King's children.  Join us in our quest to bring Light into the darkness.

"Epic Conflict" review - by Willow Raine from MusicalSeduction.com

Art is born from the soul of the passionate, the creative, those
that have something more to give of the world than even they
can imagine. So often, especially in these times, it’s easy to
miss the beauty that surrounds us because we are too busy
meandering through life on auto-pilot. We forget that there is
always a battle waging – between darkness and light.
Vexing Souls isn’t simply a band, and their album isn’t
comprised of just melodies to sing along with.
Their works tell a story – THE story of Darkness and Light. The
Novella (Written by Judy Burris of Vexing Souls) companion to
the music is breathtaking, the words painting incredibly vivid
images in your mind that makes you feel as if you are really
there, the songs are a soundtrack, reinforcing the emotions
that you are overwhelmed with.
If you enjoy Celtic, metal, and melodic notes that contain beauty
and a rough edge, if you love to have the music that you listen
to tell a story, or even if you just are enamored by Darkness
Versus Light, then you definitely need to find yourself
purchasing their Album “Epic Conflict.”
From the first song and word of the book, to the last note and
page, this is a journey.  Are you a brave warrior?
Do you want to feel like one?
Take this journey, you won’t regret it:
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