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"Cincinnati area based Vexing Souls play a brand of goth metal that heavily nods to the
sludgy 70's Black Sabbath style metal.  Now, don't be lead into believing that they sound
like a 70's metal band.  That's not the case.  Vexing Souls just have big, slow guitar riffs
and aren't as dance oriented as other goth bands.  I suppose a better comparison would
be Type O-Negative with a female vocalist.  Vexing Souls incorporate some really nice
ambient keyboard sounds to add a balance to the doom metal guitars.  There's some
nice lyrical ideas on this disc too.  'Creature of the Night', 'Zombie', and 'Angel of Death'
are the highlights of the album 'Another Nail in the Coffin'."  
----- Shawn Browning [ vocalist for the Christian punk band ~
Grave Robber ]

Fireworks Magazine UK, issue 38 Nov/Dec 2009
"From Kentucky arrive gothic newcomers VEXING SOULS with their new CD 'Another
Nail in the Coffin', recorded by the band's guitarist Steve Burris.  The first track 'Dream
Killers'...has a groove that is mid paced progressive, melodic and somewhat electric, a
good opener.  'Tormented' opens up with screams and crunching Marty Friedman
stylistic guitars.  On this track Judy has an almost Debbie Harry 'Blondie' feel, you can
almost create a smoky image of the band live...  'Another Nail in the Coffin' is a great
song, it has an almost hypnotic feel coupled with interesting guitar and synth
progressions, it's quite catchy and has a vibe and style of its own.  Next up is 'Creature
of the Night'....a little in the style of maybe Epica and Leaves' Eyes, dark moody and
melodic.  'Earth-bound Spirit' starts off with mellow melodic guitar vibes, I love the way
the mood builds, very dark and sexy song, one of the highlights.  Climbing out of the
album's grave is 'Zombie', a chunky tune with cool guitars.  I love the way Judy's vocals
kinda swirl around the structure, very cool song.  'Screams of War' is a slower more
doom ridden track, grittier guitars and vocals.  'Trapped' is another of those smokey
tracks you can picture live with clouds of stage smoke.  Next is 'Angel of Death', I totally
loved Judy's vocals on this one...  Last track is 'Living My Nightmare' which again comes
at you in the style of bands like Epica jamming with Blondie..."  
----- Nicky Baldrian [ TSM Promotions ~ Fireworks Magazine UK ]

Divine Metal Distro
"Another Nail in the Coffin".... Dark, intense and electrifying.
----- James Mattern

Metal Pulse Radio, Untombed Magazine 2009
Vexing Souls is a Gothic band out of Kentucky that was started as a husband and wife
team. I was really looking forward to this new release that came out this year, "Another
Nail in the Coffin", because they have a full band behind them. Right off the bat I was
very impressed with the music coming across.
What I enjoyed most about this album was the clean, melodic vocals of Judy and how
the music was geared to her vocal style. Their last album, I think, was just a little too
high for her. This album just fits her perfectly. I was very impressed with the vocals on
this album. The songs you really noticed on it were Dream Killers and Another Nail in the
Coffin, the self titled track to this, are two great songs off this brand new album. I give
this cd four and a half (4 1/2) out of 5, or an eight and a half/ nine (8 1/2 - 9) out of a
possible ten (10). Great album. Really good release for 2009 and will probably be in my
top ten for this year.   Like I said, I was very impressed with this album.
---- Dale Huffman

DeathRat Fanzine, July 2011
With the guitars of Necromance and the vocals of 45 Grave, the sound of this band is
great for all Goth enthusiasts. The vocals provided by Judy Burris make the music for
me, as vocals are the most important to any music as far as I am concerned. However, if
you prefer guitars, you will not be let down as the power from these guys is pretty
amazing and they just don’t quit or let you down with the overdrive and impressive solos.
The perfect amount of reverb and a steady beat give this Gothic Metal act a complete
sound. They talk quite a bit in their music about their personal beliefs and the subject
matter is just what Gothic Metal should be…life after death. From the track “Zombie” to
“Another Nail in the Coffin” it’s not hard to guess that death is a prominent theme, but I
challenge you, if this is to your taste, listen deeper because there is an amazing gem
hidden in the lyrics and things just might start to make sense in a way they never have.
Oh yes, follow the ominous riddle and have a listen! You are sure to enjoy it because
there is something for everyone, both musically and personally.
---- Hannah Edington

DeathRat Fanzine, Sept. 2012
Even better than their previous two albums, "Epic Conflict" is a Gothic Metal dream
blending the sounds of Nightwish and Turisas to create their own sound.  Each song
has its own specialty but I particularly enjoyed the steady, heavy riffs of "No Turning
Back".  As I mentioned in a previous review of Vexing Souls, there may be something in
this album that you find you were not looking for.  This album is also released alongside
lead vocalist Judy Burris' fine novella "Epic Conflic - Banish the Wicked".  While this
novella is less than 100 pages, it is packed with truths reflected in their album.  The
songstress has created a story which is appropriate for all ages.  For children it can be
read in a week and by adults in a couple of hours, either way it is a beautifully written
and elegantly penned tale of a battle for a kingdom, beginning with a horrific murder by a
werewolf and the fight of a queen to save her son.  At first channeling dark forces, she
eventually finds her strength from another place and is able to overcome her fears and   
. . .  well, you'll just have to find out for yourself what happens next.
---- Hannah Edington
Also look for our band listed in Mick Mercer's book on page 577: