VEXING SOULS started in 2007 as a husband and wife duo . . . the result of many years of musical experimentation by Steve Burris.  Incorporating
heavy guitar, bass, keyboards and drum machines, the music took on a melodic-metal sound with gothic influences.  Good and creepy!

Steve constructed a home-studio in order to focus on creating his own unique style of original music. The clean, melodic vocals and
thought-provoking lyrics are written and performed by Judy Burris. Many of the songs have a double meaning, so listen closely and see if you can
pick them out.

After the release of their first album "
Shadows of the Past" in 2007, VEXING SOULS was joined by drummer Chris Voynovich in 2008, who replaced
the drum machines previously used.  With the addition of bass guitarist Rob Mounce, the band was complete and released their second album,
Another Nail in the Coffin" in 2009.

VEXING SOULS has performed live in various music venues across Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.  Their bass player and dear friend Robb Mounce
died of cancer in 2011 after an intense five-year battle.  In 2012 Sam Alba joined as the new bass guitarist (and backup vocalist) and the band
released its third album, "
Epic Conflict" along with a 64-page gothic novella book by the same name.
Steve Burris - Guitar

Steve has written music and played
guitar for various local bands over
many years. He played all of the
instruments (
guitar, keyboards, bass
and drum machines
) on our "Shadows
of the Past" cd, as well as mixing and
recording all of the tracks on every
Vexing Souls album. His styles include
metal, alternative, rock and industrial.
While in Vexing Souls he created his
own unique flavor of metal with gothic
influences for a more serious melodic
sound to represent spiritual warfare.

Musical influences:  Kamelot,
Nightwish, Tourniquet, and all great
heavy metal guitarists past and
Judy Burris - Vocals

Judy performed backing vocals for
the last band Steve was involved
with, before the duo decided to
start over with their own project.
Now she writes the song lyrics and
is lead vocalist for Vexing Souls,
along with her role as the band's
website creator.  Her singing style
ranges from melodic to a dark
folk-goth sound.

Musical influences:
Cristina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil
Annie Lennox - Eurythmics
Amy Lee - Evanescence
Ann Wilson - Heart
Chris Voynovich - Drums

Chris started his career as the
drummer in a punk rock band. He
has many years of experience
playing both acoustic and electric
drums as well as some rhythm guitar.
His style can best be described as
progressive hard rock.
He is also a custom jewelry designer
specializing in sterling silver rings
and pendants available on this site
and at our shows.

Musical influences:
U2, Black Sabbath,
Within Temptation, Rush,
and various southern rock bands
Rob Mounce - Bass (2008-2011)

Rob was a classically trained
guitarist with interests in goth, metal
and punk styles. He could play many
instruments including cello,
keyboard, drums, violin and of
course bass guitar.  He had studied
some jazz and blues, but prefered a
dark, heavy groove to his music. His
style of playing was a mix of
progressive, alternative and gothic.

Musical influences:
early Cure
Ramones and MXPX
R.I.P.  2011
gone but in our hearts forever
Our songs tell stories of the epic battles between the warriors of Light and the powers of Darkness. There are
many mysteries and double-meanings in our lyrics ~
Mr. Hyde's potion represents alcohol . . . a dire warning
of the dangers of addiction and how it changes a person ~ the
Green-eyed Monster speaks of toxic jealousy
and the destruction of friendships ~ The
Curse of the Wolf represents our carnal nature and the struggle to
keep our behavior under control in a fallen world.
Listeners beware…once you discover the secrets of the shadow-walkers, you may never be the same again.
Sam Alba - Bass

Born in Los Angeles California, Sam
moved to the Cincinnati area at the
age of 19, still carrying the passion of
music that came from the Los Angeles
metal scene. He knew deep down he
had to continue music. For the next
10 years Sam was a member of a
heavy alternative rock band. After
taking a couple of years off from the
music scene, Sam did some real soul
searching. And he realized that his
passion of music never faded away.

Musical influences:
Cliff Burton, Steve Harris,
Les Claypool, Billy Sheehan
and Alex Webster